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Standard Rex Rabbits For Sale


Our rabbits are raised in cages that we built ourselves using the Canadian Rabbit Hutch Design. They are large and roomy, and give each adult rabbit a space that is 6 feet long by 3 feet wide by 3 feet tall to run around inside the cage. Resting boards are provided at each end of the cage, and an enclosed area that is 2 feet square is provided for them to get out of the elements and to stay warm. This is also where the does kindle in their nesting boxes.

Plywood sides have been added that we close up at night during the winter and whenever we are having problems with predators. After the picture above was taken, we also had to add in fencing beneath the cage (one end can raise up for raking underneath the cage) to prevent wild animals from crawling underneath the cage. Unfortunately, we have recently lost some of our rabbits due to an attack that occurred at night, so we have added additional safety measures to protect our remaining rabbits.

This cage is solidly built, roomy, and creates a very happy and sanitary environment for our rabbits. It allows the rabbits to look out and is built underneath some very large shade trees that keep the entire area completely shaded once the trees leaf out. They enjoy looking out and also enjoy the breezes.

Standard Rex Rabbits For Sale

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We keep this site updated, but our Facebook page is the place to which we will post Standard Rex rabbits for sale first.

Currently, we do not have any Standard Rex rabbits for sale. We will have more this Spring, so come back and check this website and our Facebook page regularly.

Here are some pictures of some bunnies that we have sold in the past:

Standard-Rex-Rabbits-For-Sale-Broken-Castor-Color-Show-Rabbit Castor-Color-Standard-Rex-Rabbit-Pedigreed-Show-Rabbit litter-of-standard-rex-babies-pedigreed broken-red-standard-rex-rabbit-pedigreed-show-rabbit standard-rex-rabbits-babies-pedigreed Litter-of-standard-rex-rabbits-pedigreed

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