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Showing Rabbits: How to Win Best in Show

Showing Rabbits: How to Win Best in Show One thing that everyone looks forward to when they are showing rabbits is winning something. And, if you’re showing rabbits, why not aim for the stars – as in, Best in Show? So, how do you get a Best in Show win? …

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Showing Rabbits: How a Rabbit is Judged


Showing Rabbits: What the Judge is Evaluating Once your rabbit is on the show table, and it’s their turn to be judged, it can be very difficult to tell what the judge is evaluating if you haven’t read up on the subject. Some judges will walk you through every single …

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Showing Rabbits: Judging Order of Breeds


Showing Rabbits: In What Order Are Rabbits Judged? There will be thousands of rabbits at some rabbit shows. At smaller shows, you may still have close to 1,00 rabbits of all breeds. In order to determine which rabbit is the best rabbit in the whole show, judges will judge rabbits …

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Rabbit Show Checklist


A Rabbit Show Checklist I am one of those individuals that needs a list when I’m packing to go somewhere that requires that I bring a lot of stuff with me. So, here is my rabbit show checklist that I use when I go to shows: Rabbits – Make sure …

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How to Enter Rabbit Shows


Entering Your Bunny in Rabbit Shows It is very easy to enter your rabbit into rabbit shows. These steps are fairly similar regardless of whether it is an ARBA sanctioned rabbit show, a 4-H rabbit show, or a rabbit show being held at the fair. Some fair shows are only …

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Rabbit Shows for Beginners


Rabbit Shows Owning rabbits as pets is a lot of fun, but if you want to really get to know more about the breed you own and learn more about breeding high quality rabbits, you should consider showing rabbits. You’ll get to know lots of other rabbit lovers while learning …

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Standard Rex Rabbits For Sale


Our rabbits are raised in cages that we built ourselves using the Canadian Rabbit Hutch Design. They are large and roomy, and give each adult rabbit a space that is 6 feet long by 3 feet wide by 3 feet tall to run around inside the cage. Resting boards are …

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Understanding Rabbit Talk


I never knew this before owning a rabbit, but they are very communicative animals. And you can hear them talk! Who knew? I always just thought that they sat there and just wiggled their noses. As an owner of rabbits, it is very helpful if you can understand rabbit talk …

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