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About Wells Wabbits – Bunnies For Sale


Wells Wabbits

Located in Oklahoma City, OK

Wells Wabbits is located in South Oklahoma City, and we focus on raising and breeding Standard Rex and Holland Lop rabbits. Our rabbitry is not open to the public, so when we do have bunnies for sale, they are listed on this site as well as multiple local Facebook Groups that are rabbit related.  You can also contact us via text message or call us at (405) 314-8175 to see what we might have available for sale.

We raise the following colors of Rex:

Broken Castor
Black Otter
Broken Black
Broken Black Otter
Broken Lilac
Broken Red

We usually have more bunnies for sale in the late winter and early spring months. Because of the thick coats of our Standard Rex, we do not breed them in the summer time, as the heat is too hard on a young doe trying raise young kits in the Oklahoma heat.


All of our Rex are pedigreed and do well at rabbit shows. The picture above is of my daughter in the Youth category at show. Her rabbit, Rosco, won Best Opposite Sex and Best of Variety at this show. Pricing varies per rabbit. We do have rabbits in litters from time to time that have markings which disqualifies them from being able to be shown. These rabbits are sold at a discount, and have a tattoo marking in their ear that marks them as disqualified to show. These rabbits can be raised as good pets, bred for meat rabbits, or bred to other showable rabbits and possibly might pass along some of their better traits as breed stock.

We are just getting started out in Holland Lops, so we will not have any Holland Lops for sale in the foreseeable future.

All sales of rabbits are done either via cash or PayPal. No checks or credit cards will be accepted. A 50% non-refundable down payment is required to hold the rabbit. Unless special arrangements are made prior to picking up the rabbit, we will only hold the rabbit for 2 weeks, and then you forfeit your down payment. The remainder is due either before the rabbit is picked up or can be paid when you pick up your rabbit.

All sales are final, so check out your rabbit before you leave with it. As with any live animal that is sold, we only sell rabbits that are in excellent health; however, we have no control over what happens to it once the sale is complete from a health perspective.


Pedigrees are provided with the sale of the rabbit. Please provide your name and address to us at the point of sale so that we can add it to the pedigree.

Buyers are responsible for their own transportation of the rabbit if they cannot pick it up locally. The transportation fee of the rabbit will be IN ADDITION TO the cost of the bunnies for sale. Transportation of rabbits ranges from $25-50, depending on how far the rabbit is traveling, and how long the handler will be responsible for feeding and caring for it during transportation.

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